This week I spoke with Andy Pfeiffer, owner of local Marketing & Advertising agency Arthur Elliott.  Self-coined as a hyper-local brand, they were recently named as one of the TOP 10 Advertising agencies in Charlotte. Staying true to their branding, they are doing great things to support Charlotte during this time!

Listen in on our candid discussion about Andy’s views on the importance of mindset, his thoughts on the return to a new version of normal, and how he and the Arthur Elliott team are focussing their supportive efforts on the local restaurant community in Charlotte, NC.




Arthur Elliott understands the importance of #supportlocal, whether it being hyper-local with their marketing efforts for their clients, or lending a hand to the community in ways they know best.

Some support by buying gift cards while others create simple interviews to help spread a message 😉 Arthur Elliott took this time to use their skills in Marketing and Advertising to focus on supporting a group that’s being hit hard…the local restaurants!!




After speaking with various restaurant owners, Andy and the Arthur Elliot team created Open Feed.

OPEN FEED is a not-for-profit website created in collaboration with local restaurant owners to give them a forum to give/receive information, seek advice, voice concerns, thoughts and emotions. This is a communal resource hub designed to support one of the hardest hit industries and our local community during this time of need.


IF YOU OWN A RESTAURANT OR YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT DOES, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND TELL THEM ABOUT THIS SITE!!  This resource could potentially save a business.  Let’s support by spreading the word.





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Open Feed


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